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Summerfield Holidays - The Beginning


Summerfield Farm was once part of Whitby Abbey lands and latterly of Sir Hugh Cholmley's estate.  It has been in Richards family since his grandfather moved there in the late 1800s.  Richard's father was born on the farm in 1911 and Richard was also born in what is now the farmhouse kitchen.  


Throughout the 1980s until he retired in 2005, Richard ran his own successful agronomy business.  Being a ‘crop doctor‘ was a full on profession, with many hours spent walking fields for clients throughout a large area of North Yorkshire.  


Albany cottage had been initially developed in 1988 and was at that time part of the farmhouse.   It consisted of a games room on the ground floor and a guest flat above.  It occupied a space that was no longer fully utilised so in 2001 Albany cottage was created.  


Holidays have been part of Summerfield Farm since Richard’s mother rented out a small wooden chalet in the 1940s where the bungalow now stands.  Richard himself built a caravan in the late 1960s, down the road on a site near the old barn.   Nowadays it’s the site of a modern mobile home. 


Cholmley and Scoresby were developed between 2003 and 2004 with the first guests arriving in June 2004.  Both Richard and Jayne spent many hours working inside and out to create the vision, which was initially to provide accommodation for families, a vision that is still apparent today.


The subsequent aim was to cater for a growing, older population.  Jayne was employed in nursing and seeing a lot of people who found it hard to go on holiday because accommodation was simply not geared up for them.  


Richard’s son Ben, who was teaching children with learning disabilities, also convinced them that this may be a good market to be involved in, as well as a very worthwhile one.  


Summerfield Holidays was born and continues to evolve and develop in line with our guest’s needs.  The latest project was an extension to Albany cottage, creating a ground floor bedroom and an en-suite bathroom with wheelchair access.  This was finished in June 2016 and has been a great hit with regular and new guests alike.  



All cottages and the mobile home have a virtual tour available on the website, so why not familiarise yourself with them and step into a world of possibilities?


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