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Wildlife at the Farm

Spring has certainly sprung on the farm!


We have had a wonderful show of Daffodils for about six weeks, all the other plants are now awakening and we seem to have some nice wheat crops establishing.  


We’ve been having what seems to be a record numbers of birds coming to the feeders in front of the cottages.  Blue Tits are back nesting in the wall, just to the side of Scoresby Cottage’s patio window, so a real treat is in store for the lucky guests staying there when the chicks fledge.


Freddie the Pheasant looks great in his spring plumage, as he struts his stuff to the admiring Hen Pheasants.  He’s a regular visitor to the bird feeders, cleaning up the seed that ends up on the ground.


The inquisitive Little Owls can be seen at dusk most nights, just a short walk away at the old barn.


Our morning walks are also becoming more event filled.  We regularly see Hares, up to six or seven of them racing around and often boxing.  The resident Roe Deer are getting ready to give birth, so they are more likely to move away when approached.  The little herd has split up somewhat now, as happens at this time of year when food is more abundant and the females need their own space in readiness for their young.  


Our local Fox is still being spotted by our guests.  He often visits the water feature in the garden for a drink during the early hours.  The Badgers are still around and have been digging for insects and worms in the paddock towards the pond.  Here, the Frogs have been busy spawning, with 4 big clumps of eggs with their wriggling Tadpoles, waiting for the right moment to hatch.


It is truly amazing on the Farm at this time of year.  The things that you will see, if you are quiet, patient and observant, will leave you with lovely lifelong memories of your stay at Summerfield.


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